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SEPTEMBER 2018 -- Earlier in the NY Giants' off-season training program, Jon Halapio was moved from RG to C. By Mini Camp, he began taking most of the 1st Team reps at C, with Eli, OBJ, and Saquan. During the Pre-Season, he started the first three games--all starters were rested for the fourth and final game--and is now the projected starter for the season opener when the Giants host the Jaguars, at MetLife Stadium, on September 9th. We're so proud of Jon, we're excited for his family, and we're honored to be part of his team. 


DLE Agency


AUGUST 2018 -- DLE founder, Doug Eldridge, was back in-studio with FOX Business, to break down the progress and problems facing the NFL with the implementation of the revised National Anthem policy. "To many, this seems like a black and white issue, in terms of simplicity," said Eldridge. "In reality, it's deceptively complex, and really sits at the intersection of sports, policy, politics, and public relations, all of which play out in front of sold-out stadiums, in 32 cities, in the $14B NFL. There's a lot at stake for everyone involved."


While few can predict how this will ultimately 'bounce' one thing is certain: everyone is ready to get back to football.


DLE Agency


JUNE 2018 -- We were proud to spearhead the 2nd Annual Halapio Three-Point Football Foundation, in St. Petersburg, FL. In 2018, Jon's program grew exponentially--in terms of coverage, attendance, and general excitement. What didn't change? The booming storms that swept through St. Pete 90min into camp. While the thunder was crashing, the campers didn't miss a beat or offer a complaint. We had white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Polynesian, and--for the first time--a girl! Congrats to Jon on a successful program, and many thanks to all who helped in the process.

DLE Agency


JUNE 2018 -- There are few clients nicer than Akeem Davis and few places more welcoming than Laurel, MS. Once again, we saw a sell-out camp of 100 kids for Akeem's free, one-day, youth football program, the AD47 Football Leadership Academy. AD47 is run in partnership with the NFL Foundation and USA Football, but it relies on the corporate support of our partners in the community. For the fourth straight year, we cultivated not only packed attendance, but also expansive media coverage and new levels of commercial partnerships. Congrats to Akeem and all who work so hard to make AD47 a success, year after year.


DLE Agency


MAY 2018 -- Katrina Young returned to her winning ways by claiming the Women's 10m Title at the USA Diving National Championships. The 2016 Olympian is refocused, revitalized, and has already begun her preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which are now just two years away.


DLE Agency


MAY 2018 -- DLE founder, Doug Eldridge, joined Neil Cavuto on FOX News to break down the NFL's new policy regarding the National Anthem.


"There are two parts to this process: idea and execution," said Eldridge. "There's no question this was a good idea--you needed to have some type of rule in place in order to appease all involved--but the execution of that idea has left a lot of lingering gaps and holes. Namely, loose language; this ambiguity leads to opportunity and thus far, that's not left anyone in good standing. Point being, if the new regulations are written in a way that is open to subjective interpretation, then you've 'solved' one problem, but created another. They absolutely must go back and tighten this language or this fire will burn on."

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