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DLE Agency
Akeem Davis, NFL, AD47 Academy, DLE Agency, Doug Eldridge, Sports PR, Public Relations
Kate Ziegler, Olympics, DLE Agency, Doug Eldridge, Sports PR, Public Relations
DLE Agency
Akeem Davis, AD47 Academy, NFL, Undrafted, DLE Agency, Doug Eldridge, Sports PR, NFL agent
Tucker West, Olympics, Luge, DLE Agency, Doug Eldridge, Sports PR, Public Relations
DLE Agency
Doug Eldridge, DLE Agency
Keith Willis, MOSS Movement, DLE Agency, PR, leadership, NFL veteran


At the DLE Agency, we know that every great accomplishment started as a simple concept, and every strong relationship began with a basic conversation.


It is because of this, that our emphasis is always placed on listening to the client's perspective and never simply relying upon our own impression. While other agencies might jump in with canned strategies and a templated course of action, at DLE we believe that in order to ultimately achieve the client's goals and objectives, we must first understand their viewpoint and rationale.

Simply put, in order to develop the how, you must first understand the why. 



The Representation Division of DLE has worked with a diverse array of athletes and personalities, across eight sports, six continents, and virtually every aspect of the media and entertainment landscape.

DLE agents are certified by the NFL, NBA, UCI and IAAF in addition to having relationships and negotiation experience across other, non-regulated sports federations. As a full-service agency, we specialize in both player contracts and extrinsic endorsement procurement. We believe that in order to maximize a client's market value, we must implement a cohesive communication strategy in order to build their media profile, and fully develop and monetize their commercial capabilities, in the interests of sustainable long term growth.



A central tenet of effective consulting is the ability to provide objective, outside criticism and analysis to a third party, along with clearly defined execution strategies for improvement. Intrinsic within that notion is the ability to not only determine areas of inefficiency, but from there, to then be able to ameliorate those deficinies. As the saying goes, many can diagnose a problem, but few can prescribe a solution.

The Consulting Division of DLE works with a growing number of emerging and established corporate clients, each of whom face a unique set of challenges. While the most common issue we address is a lack of distinct brand identity, our consulting services include: market evaluation, brand building, message development, media management and integrated marketing strategies.​

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