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SEPT 2017 -- For NFL players, the most miserable time of the year is the brutal numbers game known as 'roster cut-downs' at the end of training camp. Each of the 32 teams must reduce the 90-man roster they held at the start of camp, down to 45 men on the active roster and an additional 10 players on the practice squad. In the 24 hours after the final preseason game, over 1100 players were left unemployed. Halapio secured a spot with the NY Giants, following a strong pre-season and a dominant final game against the Jets. Congrats, Jon!


DLE Agency


AUG 2017 -- In August, we spent three days in Colorado Springs with Chris & Alexa Knierim for a pre-Olympics shoot with NBC Nightly News. From on-ice, to in-home, to about-town, the amazing team from NBC really captured some authentic, compelling content. We are so excited for the rest of the country to see the package and eventually learn what we at DLE have known for some time: Chris & Alexa Knierim are one of the best kept secrets in all of sports. 


DLE Agency


JULY 2017 -- Two days after the July 4th holiday, we flew down to St. Petersburg, FL to launch the Inaugural Halapio Three Point Football Foundation, with NFL client, Jon Halapio. Built around three core pillars of Attitude, Fortitude, and Gratitude, Jon welcomed dozens of young campers ages 8-12, to his alma mater St. Petersburg Catholic High School. JH3 was run in conjunction with the NFL Foundation and USA Football, and despite a long, hot day, marked by periodic showers, the camp was an overwhelming success. 

DLE Agency


JUNE 2017 -- The third annual AD47 Football Leadership Academy was a runaway success by every measurement possible. With more media coverage, greater sponsorship support, and another year of 100 packed kids--despite the pounding rains and muddy field left by Tropical Storm Cindi--we could not have been happier. "Each year somehow gets better than the previous one" said NFL DB and AD47 namesake, Akeem Davis. "I am so proud of what we've developed over the first three years and I am really excited about the road ahead!"


DLE Agency


MAY 2017 -- Doug was back in-studio with Neil Cavuto and FOX Business, to discuss the Tiger Woods DUI/DIP arrest and the potential impact this will have on the struggling golfer's brand--both on and off the course. "In the end, my hope is that Tiger addresses his issues and returns to the golf course," said Eldridge. "Not because it's good for the sport, but because of the legions of young boys and girls who see themselves in Tiger. His reach, influence, and impact have had an immeasurable effect on an entire generation. For that reason--millions of young children around the world--I am rooting for Tiger."


Alexander Eldridge


MAY 2017 -- On May 29th, DLE founder, Doug Eldridge and his wife, Hilary, welcomed their first child, Alexander Loflin Eldridge. He measured 22in and weighed in at 8lbs 9oz. Baby is healthy and happy, while Momma's feet haven't touched the ground since his long-awaited arrival. There is no word yet on Alexander's early Bench, 40, Shuttle, Vertical and Broad Jump numbers. 

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